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We provide COMPLETE funeral services, including:

     Picking-up deceased from place of death (home, hospital, nursing home, Medical Examiner, etc) to one of our local sites

     Washing (ghusl) and shrouding (Kafn) by qualified, experienced Muslims  (Females are handled by females only)

     Providing the Kafn (Islaamic shroud)

     Providing caskets (simple to wood/steel)

     Transporting casket for Janazah to masjid of choice

     Transporting casket from masjid to cemetery of choice

     Preparing death certificates & other necessary paperwork

     Prompt service: Cemetery policy permitting, many funerals are performed the same day.

     We are known-shippers with many major airlines (United, Delta, American Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Air India and more) and can offer shipping of deceased to anywhere in the world, InshaaALLAH.